South Carolina Homes

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A few weeks ago I was asked to answer a few questions about my practice for South Carolina Homes. Since I am pretty much an open book, I appreciated the opportunity. And they were kind enough to post it, so I wanted to give you a link as well. Enjoy their website and I hope […]

A is for Architect

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Small renovations may not seem like they should take any time at all, at least to someone who has not been faced with the blank slate. However, rarely is something exactly as it seems. In residential design the best first step is just like the the alphabet: A is for Architect, B is for Builder, […]

How much is it going to cost to renovate my house?

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So often people ask me “how much is this kitchen/bathroom/addition/renovation going to cost me?” I hate to say it, and I am usually very blunt, but on this I am purposefully very vague, though I will always say three things. Renovations typically cost more than new construction.  So when you see new homes at $80 […]

2012 Honor Award!

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The US Custom House in New Orleans suffered significant damaged during Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  While it had to be vacated entirely, the opportunity to correct some 1970s era mistakes, update all of the building systems, and improve the overall organization was taken.  I worked on this project for my last 4 years in New Orleans with Waggonner […]

Verve the new Women In Architecture Upstate Newsletter

I have gone silent in my posts of late. It is not for a lack of trying, merely that work has been going incredibly well. Architecture is a feast or famine industry and I am channelling my inner squirrel and feasting now. Back in August I wrote a short ‘article‘ about myself at the request […]

From where does the inspiration come?

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From where does the inspiration come?

So many times people tell me that they thought they wanted to be an architect.  They always say “That’s cool.” when I tell them what I do.  And I like to think it is because they understand the inherent value in what Architecture brings to any place and people that are engaged with it.  I […]

Fete Guest Blogger

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I initially wrote this blog for my own page, knowing I had been far too delinquent in posting.  Instead of posting it here, I thought I’d share it with the Fete Magazine crowd.  See April is Architecture Month (AM12) and I am on the committee for the AIA Greenville.  And better to share this information […]

Being my own client

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Being my own client

We are almost halfway through the initial renovations on my house.  I have often thought I understood how my clients felt about the process of renovating their home, working with a budget, dealing with a mess, worrying about it getting done and done well.  I didn’t, until now.  Typically I am the voice of positivity […]

An architect’s own home

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An architect’s own home

So just how does an architect (me) go about selecting their own home?  The problem lies in the fact that I see opportunity in all, or almost, all of them.  I happened to take a look at three houses in Greenville.  My criteria for my agent, Lynn Skidmore, was pretty simple.  First, a fenced yard […]

ScrapHAUS for the Greenville Humane Society

A few months ago I read an email request from the Greenville Humane Society asking for architects to design and build a “Bowhouse” to be auctioned for their cause.  I wasn’t sure I could fit it into the work schedule and I knew that I didn’t have the tools anymore, thanks to Katrina, to build […]